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"Like a bird in the night sky. Here to share my words.

Hello, I'm HiRSH."

I’m HiRSH.

I grew up in Northern California and have had music pulsating through my body and brain as far back as I can remember. My father had a pretty large record collection and I devoured it at a very young age. Every Beatles album, Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkel, The Cars; you name it, I consumed it.

Classic rock turned into Bay Area hip-hop, which turned into whatever the 90’s was. I transitioned from folk tunes to gangster rap to indie rock to electro pop. Music has always been at the center of my life, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I ever thought about making it myself. But once I started I couldn't stop.

What began as a peripheral interest grew into a monumental project. I wrote song after song after song until I finally felt that I had something to share. It’s been a long, windy road, but it was the hardships along the way that brought me to this point. I’m here and I’m beyond excited to share these stories I’ve held with me.


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The Viper Room

upcoming events


  • Mon 26 Jul'17

    Hirsh and Audiomoe 10PM

    venue Black Rabbit Rose 10PM
    Los Angeles

    tickets $10 cover

  • Mon 16 Aug'17

    Hirsh and Audiomoe 10PM

    venue Hotel Cafe 10PM
    Los Angeles

    tickets $10 cover

  • Wed 21 Dec'16

    Last Show of the Year 9:30PM

    venue The Viper Room
    Los Angeles

    tickets $10 cover

  • Sat 12 Nov'16

    A Secret Earth & Friends Celebration 9PM until late. 18+ with ID.

    venue 603 E. 4th St.
    Los Angeles

  • Mon 19 Sept'16

    The Viper Room 8:30pm - Free Show with Sunset Jam

    venue The Viper Room

  • Sat 10 Sep'16

    Mainfest Alhambra w/ Capital Cities, Miami Horror, Nite-Funk (Dâm-Funk + Nite Jewel), !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

    venue Main Street Downtown Alhambra

  • Sat 27 Aug'16

    STAY WEIRD in Outer Space A celebration of Taylor's birthday & FYF After Party!
    Tickets free with RSVP before midnight. $10 after midnight.

    venue Private Warehouse

  • Wed 24 Aug'16

    venue The Hotel Cafe

  • Fri 15 Jul'16

    venue The Study

  • Jul 01 Jul'16

    venue DTLA Secret Location

    Blacklight Launch Party RSVP Only

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News & Press

23 Sep

Article by: We Found New Music

[PREMIERE] HiRSH – City (Music Video)

With so much new music being released on a seemingly hourly basis, it can be hard to differentiate between a passing fad and an artist that’s here to stay. Hirsh jumps out of the electro pop gate, hoping to capture the essence of the latter.

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12 Sep

Article by: Trina Green -

MainFest Alhambra: Block partyff turns out to be a capital idea

Because Southern California can never have too many music festivals, the region on Saturday welcomed Alhambra’s MainFest to the fold.

view less Read more

19 Aug

Article by: Kevin Bronson -

Meet HiRSH and check out his first single "War." And find out why I am raising my hands for the song

The first single from L.A. electro-pop artist HiRSH is titled "War." Yes, it's a lot more serious than your run-of-the-mill party anthem.

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